Solutions Leisure Group is comprised of over 900 passionate professionals from around the globe, each of whom live and breathe the values and vision for the hospitality and entertainment industries. Dedicated to leading by example across all elements of the brand, our company culture isn’t just ‘great’ – it is something extremely special; a collective feeling with a heartbeat. Culturally diverse, we combine the extensive knowledge and experience of our international team with a quality, customer-first mentality. Tailored to the creative, experience-driven market that is the Middle East, our portfolio of venues is lead by a team of 20-strong senior management to deliver premium service with unrivalled personality.

We’re always on the look out for driven, unstoppable superstars to drive our group of venues to infinity and beyond. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Our business is built on the enthusiasm and positivity of our people, with a shared vision that all those involved are excited to be a part of. Immersed in mutual interests, our culture propels itself forward, making it essential that our team is curated based on goals, objectives and attitude ahead of anything else. This approach has helped us recruit, train and retain leaders in the industry at every level of our business, ensuring it is never just a job, but a lifestyle.

Organic growth, skill diversification and development, and career progression is vital to us. We pride ourselves in our reputation as a company that invests in the growth of our team benefiting from a long line of future Rockstars and healthy talent pipeline.

Our team is hand-picked with focus on personality, attitude, enthusiasm, passion and potential – not necessarily experience or background. Our innovative and personalised recruitment and training process enables us to achieve the perfect synergy be-tween Rockstars and our audience. The rising stars in our business, today, become our leaders of tomorrow, and we place a strong emphasis on talent development across all departments.

Our strategy is holistic, starting from new employee orientation, progressing upwards, through vocational and skills-based qualifications, peer to peer training, group training, mentorship, management development up to private 1:1 coaching sessions with our in-house Performance and Personal Development Coach. Performance coaching and feed- back is provided alongside quarterly planning discussions to identify needs, opportunities and development plans, while an effective compensation and recognition program rewards talent and teams for their ongoing contribution.
We place a high value on output (the quality of work produced) rather than input (the number of hours logged). Achievements are regularly celebrated in the presence of peers, who are also encouraged to recognize one another for reaching important milestones. We celebrate teamwork and individuals’ achievements in daily briefings and weekly meetings and acknowledge ‘extra mile stories’ and ‘employee of the month’ every month for those that go above and beyond their role.By having clear goals to work towards, communication becomes streamlined and teamwork becomes purposeful. Our team is celebrated at the annual Solutions Leisure awards ceremony, ‘The Rockstar Awards’ – a much anticipated event for the whole company that highlights the Rockstar’s for the year.