The UAE’s leaders in hospitality, Solutions Leisure Group, opens the doors to its all-new sleek, sophisticated oriental-inspired restaurant and bar at Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai Marina

Bringing the vibrant Japanese highlife to the heart of Dubai Marina, Solutions Leisure Group, the team behind Asia Asia and STK, is excited to introduce you to its all-new oriental-inspired restaurant and bar, KŌYŌ. Launching Thursday 12 August 2021 in partnership with UAE property leaders, Select Property Group, KŌYŌ is situated in the heart of Dubai Marina, at the InterContinental Dubai Marina hotel.

Sleek, upbeat and sophisticated, this vibe-dining hotspot does traditional Japanese culinary and entertainment in a whole new way. Spread over two levels, the opulent restaurant and bar is inspired by the sophisticated beauty and intrigue of the iconic Japanese geisha, blended with unique energy of the Tokyo nightlife experience and ‘kabuki’ style arts and entertainment.

Featuring two dedicated bar areas, a raw bar, traditional Japanese dining area, dining room, private event area, interactive stage and terrace overlooking the tranquil Dubai Marina, KŌYŌ effortlessly captures the sights and sounds of the Japanese highlife, combining modern fine-dining with traditional Japanese culture. Offering a sensory-driven experience that immerses you on arrival, the culinary exploration of the traditional to contemporary brings innovation and creativity to traditional social events.

The KŌYŌ menu has been intrinsically curated to transport guests to the streets of Japan. Segmented into traditional culinary sections, including Maki Rolls, Sashimi, Katsu Sando and Yakitori, chef’s must-try dishes include Bluefin Tuna Nikkei, Monkfish Tail Robata and Japanese Wagyū Tataki, followed by such sweet favourites as Tayaki Sundae and Masu Matcha for dessert. KŌYŌ also features a unique, extensive sake list of approachable and premium varieties to suit any pallet, and exciting beverage menu.

From a long lunch, dinner with friends or drinks at the bar, KŌYŌ transports you away from the daily grind to connect, engage and unwind, from day to night. Whilst much of its proposed events calendar remains under wraps during its preview period, guests are invited to explore the menu through an exclusive four-course Taste of KŌYŌ tasting menu, priced at AED 500 per couple including three beverages per person. Additionally, ladies are welcome to purchase a glass of house grape and be upgraded to a bottle of grape at Rush Hour happy hour, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm. There are also hints at a brunch concept, set to launch in the coming month, amongst other weekly events.

Pioneering a new-age of social experience, KŌYŌ strives to revolutionise the multi-sensory culinary entertainment experience, making moments matter by bringing innovation and creativity to traditional social experiences to offer a destination to mingle and meet from day to night.

Reservations are now open, and available to be made directly online via the website:

Phone: +971 4 566 4088
Address: InterContinental Dubai Marina hotel, Dubai Marina, UAE

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About KŌYŌ

Effortlessly capturing the sights and sounds of the Japanese highlife, Kōyō is the brainchild of UAE hospitality leaders, Solutions Leisure Group. An oriental hotspot located at the InterContinental Dubai Marina Hotel, the restaurant and bar combines modern fine dining with the heart & soul of traditional Japanese culinary and entertainment. Decorated with vibrant foliage, specially-sourced Japanese antiques, carpentry, and artistic murals, this sassy-chic restaurant and bar is eloquently hidden overlooking the tranquil Dubai Marina, embodying the sophisticated beauty and intrigue of the iconic Japanese geisha.

A culinary experience infused with ‘kabuki’ style arts and entertainment, the Kōyō portfolio has been artfully curated to showcase an array of unique performances and themed immersive dining concepts. Offering a different experience throughout the day, join us for a casual light lunch or energetic ladies’ night. Emphasising variety and balance achieved through intricate colour selection, the Kōyō cooking technique and flavours blends time-honored cuisine with innovative presentation.

About Solutions Leisure Group

The collective objective of Solutions Leisure Group is to create unique and dynamic concepts, designed to be high-yielding and long-term. Upscale, sophisticated in design and service but never pretentious, our creative ideation consistently caters to the approachable, experience-driven sector. Our award-winning portfolio and global reputation within the industry further provides a leading example of our group’s prestige and integrity, combining idyllic locations selected through tailored sourcing with creative innovation and design, leveraged by a proven, professional and highly effective management team. We are confident we have provided you with a strong insight into the two decades of experience we hold, showcasing the ethos, creativity and passion that Solutions Leisure Group holds, internationally.

Solutions Leisure Mission

Solutions Leisure Group strives to continue to pioneer the day and nightlife hospitality and entertainment sectors of The Middle East, growing and evolving to further advance the experiences and opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Through its unparalleled commitment, skill and clarity in direction, its mission is to create moments people live for.